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TRUSpeak 2021


A One-Act Play by Joe Nelms


Created in response to a year of living through the stress of the pandemic, Zoom is a short play that addresses the pain, stress, and hopelessness that were inevitable even in the earliest days. A monologue delivered from the perspective of the now ubiquitous app, Zoom speaks directly to anyone who has ever had to use their laptop to connect with the outside world to remind us all that the crisis won’t last forever but while it does, none of us has to be alone.


Directed by: Dennis Corsi

Produced by: Jonathan Hogue

Starring: Jim Brochu, Brenda Braxton, Robert Cuccioli, Ann Harada, Dickie Hearts, Jana Robbins


Change of Plans

A One-Act Play by Michele Ann Miller


A very fortunate woman shows off her spacious Manhattan apartment where she is isolating with her husband during the pandemic. Although she is aware how lucky she is to have two bedrooms and even a balcony, it soon becomes clear that there are darker things afoot now that Covid has them trapped at home.


Directed by: Cate Cammarata

Produced by Lead Producer

Starring: Crystal Kellogg


Venue: TRUSpeak Virtual Benefit on Zoom (Theatrical Resources Unlimited)

Date: February 21, 2021

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